How to keep Stamford skunks away from your property

Just like any other animals, Stamford skunks are usually attracted to areas with foodstuffs especially garbage bins or trashes. They need to feed in order to keep them pushing on with their life cycle. For areas such as trashes and bins, they should be kept tightly tied or even covered in order to make sure that the skunks do not access food from them. In the yard with fruity trees, owners should ensure that any fallen fruits are often collected. The ripe ones should also be harvested before they fall and this will help ensure that skunks do not

Input bright light sources in areas prone to a Connecticut skunk infestation
• Light is commonly known for its ability to frighten animals especially skunks hence sending them to other areas in search of food.
• Skunks are known to be nocturnal and so they opt to search for their food during dark hours as opposed to most animals which feed during light hours and rest at night.
• This method is known to work for a while but as always, Stamford skunks just as other animals are known to become more immune to a number of things with time. Skunks will get used to this light and this will result with one tending to look for other long term deterrent methods.

Use of automated sprinkler machines
• They are commonly known as Scarecrow Sprinklers.
• Automated sprinklers are machines that are able to sense any motion that may occur I areas they are placed. These machines squirt when triggered by motion and this scares away the skunks.
• These sprinklers are usually placed in areas where Stamford skunks are thought to visit more often in search of food.
• Automated sprinkler machines usually come in different sizes in relation to where they are too placed.
• The frightening effect caused by sprinklers may help keep away skunks for a while but just like any other man-made machine, these sprinklers have their own setbacks. For someone with a large area to take care of, then they would have to invest heavily on more sprinkler machines and this may be very expensive.

Invest in barriers
• Connecticut skunks are known to be so poor when it comes to climbing and jumping. Creating barriers in ones premises may hence act as the perfect trick to keep skunks away from invading and causing any disturbance and damage. Such barriers include fences.
• These animals are perfect diggers and they have the ability to squeeze themselves through tiny holes. For such cases, the remedy is to seal off any openings into ones premises and this serves them right.

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