Our Services

Wildlife Trapping

When it's necessary to remove animals, we focus on humane and effective trapping and relocation.

Home Repairs

A critical step - the identification and repair of any and all wildlife entry points into the home.

Animals in Attic

We specialize in the removal of animals in the attic - squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, bats, and more.

No Poisons!

We never use poisons in any part of our wildlife control, including rodent control. Poisons don't work!

We provide a full line of services to solve every kind of wild animal problem, for both residential homes and businesses. Some of our services include the following:

- Wildlife Trapping and Relocaton With Live Cage Traps
- Repairs to Your Home to Keep Wild Animals Out Permanently
- Critter Prevention Services, From Fences to Netting
- Building Inspections For Damage and Entry Points
- Attic Cleanup, Decontamination, and Insulation Replacement
- Odor Control From Animal Waste, Skunk Smell, and More
- Dead Animal Carcass Extraction Both Indoors and Outdoors
- Poison-Free Rodent Control - Permanent Rat and Mouse Removal
- Bat Control - Safe and Legal Removal of Bats in Buildings
- Bird Prevetion - Installation of Pigeons Spikes and Nets
- Lawn Services - Control of Moles and Other Digging Animals
- Snake Removal - We Safely Remove Dangerous Connecticut Snakes
- Emergency Services - On Call 24/7 For Animal Emergencies

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