Is a Stamford opossum that is active during the daytime sick or rabid?

This is one of the questions which many people are looking for an answer. The opossum is a nighttime animal and so people can rarely see them in at the daytime. There are many reasons why they are active in the day. Rabies and sickness are also the reasons why they are active at these times. If you have found any Connecticut opossum during the daytime, it is advisable to keep a distance from it as it may be affected by any disease. However, there are some signs which you need to know so you will get an idea whether it is sick or not.

Is it acting erratically?
Usually, Stamford opossum moves freely around but in any case, if you find its behavior abnormal, such as unsteady movement or unusual aggression, it is surely uncomfortable and it is suffering from sickness. There is also one sign that shows it is really sick. If you find that it is hatred to water, it must be ill. You will notice that it jumps away from the water. In this case, it should be treated with severe caution.

Other signs of Sickness and Rabies:
If you want to be sure if it is really suffering from any sickness and rabies, you will notice white foam coming out from its mouth or it should be there around its mouth. This is another sign and you have to treat it with caution or else you will be affected by its sickness and rabies. It has this white water around its mouth because it has been affected by some bacterial conditions. The reason for this sign is its low body temperature. These signs such as the production of excretions or mucus near are nose and eyes can be another sign of rabies and sickness in a Connecticut opossum.

What is the reason to be active during the daytime?
Many times you may have noticed, it is active during the daytime. It may be a female Stamford opossum. It comes out to find the food for its baby opossums. Being a mother, she looks after them and they come out to fulfill its babies demand. Being a smart opossum, another factor maybe it is in search of particular food which is only available in the daytime and it may be taking advantages of that. Thus, there may be various factors why opossum active during daytime. If you find any opossum with above signs, that shows it is suffering from any sickness or rabies, so it is advisable to call to animal control department, their officers will inspect the facilities to ensure that such Stamford opossums are safely disposed of.

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