Is it safe to handle a wild Stamford animal with bare hands?

The short answer is NO, I know there are a lot of TV shows where people go around catching wild Stamford animals with their bare hands, do not try and copy them, they have been doing that for years and the only ones they show on TV are the easy ones, if the catcher gets hurt or the animal gets hurt that piece of footage is never seen again for obvious reasons.

There is one TV show I know where they catch dangerous Connecticut reptiles by hand, now they were doing a public service by removing things like alligators from swimming pools but I also know one of the catchers in one of the series, a young man in his early 20s was severely injured when a 10 foot alligator got hold of him, they had to shoot the alligator to save his life but he has not been back on TV since, this should tell you that even with vast experience and all the backup imaginable it can still go very wrong in a split second.

In all 50 of the United States it is illegal to be in possession of a wild animal without a permit, you can get permits from any game commission office and from some animal control services. All of that said neither the game commission or your local wildlife control expect you to leave a Stamford animal you have come across that is probably injured just to die, so they are not going to take any serious action against you for having an animal in your possession as long as you have done the right things, the first thing you must do is call your local wildlife rehabilitation center and advise them that you have the animal and what kind of shape you think it's in. Generally their advice is one of three things, take it to a vet that they nominate and after that is their responsibility, or they may come and pick up animal from you and the final choice is they may tell you just to do what you can for the animal and if it's better in a few days release it.

The most common Stamford animal you are going to get almost literally dropped into your lap will be a baby animal usually brought home and delivered to you personally by your dog or cat. Dogs and cats bring home animals because they think they are bringing home food for everyone to eat but mostly they bring home injured baby animals. Even if it is a baby and also even if it is in bad shape always wear heavy gloves when handling any wild animal because they all, even babies, have teeth and claws.

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